Regarding the Status of the Fansub.

Due to the lack of help I’m getting on the project, unfortunately I can’t give anymore promises as to when the subs will be out. I’ll try and do something for you guys on the last episode, which airs soon.

I may just release what I have raw for you guys to enjoy and just put a basic summary.

Again, sorry for the silence, I did not intend for this to happen.


Update: We will do Season 2 in conjucture to Season 1.

Okay, I can confirm right now, we will be doing Season 2 with Season 1 at the same time. Although I’m not quite sure as to when we’ll see Season 1 episodes, episode 27 is in the process of being timed and edited. Hopefully a release this weekend, at the earliest.

You can at least see a preview of the opening subs right here:

Season 2 – 15 Second – Preview Trailer OUT!

Hey guys, we actually got something out. First off, I can’t entirely confirm if we’ll do Season 2 on top on Season 1, but I am pushing for this. However, in the mean time, I have pushed out the release of the preview video, which is the 15 second version of it. Not sure if a 30 second version of it exists, but if it does, we’ll release it as well.

Due to the fact an HD feed or rip of the trailer does not exist, nor do we have access to it, the trailer is in lower quality than normal and is a Web rip. I apologize for this.

Download the torrent, here.

Episode 26 Preview Sub

For this week’s episode, I present you Episode 26’s preview:

I should also note that Nicktoons will be premiering Season 2 on roughly 2-3 week delay from the Japanese airing. New Episode will apparently start around April 21, 2012, though there’s a bit of confusion on the date. Still, I’ll update plans what to do about Season 2 episodes in the future, so keep checking back.

Preview Subtitles!

Alright, it’s been a bit since I showed you guys off some preview. Although I do not have an update as to when I will be releasing those episode, I decided to do something in the mean time.

Leading up to Season 2’s premiere in Japan, I will be subtitling the Previews. After that, I’ll decide what to do regarding those episode. As it stands right now, I’m still debating whether or not to do Season 2 along with Season 1, but I’ll make a final decision by the time this occurs.

For now, hope you can enjoy these:

Season 2 airs in April in Japan. New Opening & Ending Announce!

Hey guys! Got some news for you all!

No, it’s not fansubbing news, but that will come soon enough.

First off, the new season of Monsuno was announced at the World Toy Fair. The new season, Monsuno: Combat Chaos, will air on Nicktoons this Spring. No exact air date has been announced, but Nick’s upfront is coming up, so we’ll probably have a solid date announced soon.

Second, Rey, the anisong group, announced on their blog that they are going to be doing the next Opening and Ending songs for Juusen Battle Monsuno in April. Rey originally did the first opening to the series, which is still playing. Exact details of the songs have not been announced, but more information will probably be revealed as the air date becomes closer.

And finally, in light of the news mentioned up, Japan will broadcast Season 2 (Episodes 27+) this April on TV Tokyo. Unless Nickelodeon pushes Monsuno out on Nicktoons within the next month or so, Japan will actually serve as the world premiere for the second season.

In light of this news, I may be doing something unusual for Season 2 for you guys. Once I make an official decision in the next week or so, I will give you guys and update in regards to this. Season 1 is still being fansubbed and translated. We may or may not do a batch release, but that depends how quickly we pump these episodes out.

Stay tuned.

Some Preview Clips

First off, even though these aren’t exactly ready to show, I know we’ve been delaying the subs for this show. However, because of how long it has been since we’ve seen Episode 1, I do want to show proof I have been working on these episodes, so I’m going to give you guys a couple clips.

Just a warning, these clips have spoilers, so view at your own cause.

First video is on Veoh due to Youtube blocking the video, while second one is Youtube.

Hope you enjoy these teaser videos. Please note there are grammar and spelling errors which we’ve yet to correct, but we will get to that before we release these:

Episode 06 – Whipping Queen – Subtitle Preview

EDIT: Make sure you click the Veoh link, since apparently it won’t let me embed it, for whatever reason.